Fact Sheet: Continuing Education


Lifelong Learning

Continuing education (CE) is an important component of overall professional excellence for dentists and other health care professionals. By choosing a general dentist who frequently participates in CE programs, you can trust that he or she is up-to-date in the field of dentistry and will provide your entire family with quality treatment.

What is CE?

CE consists of classes, courses, and organized learning programs. Dentists participate in CE after they graduate from dental school so that they can stay up-to- date in their field and learn about the latest techniques and procedures, such as laser dentistry, cosmetic procedures or sleep dentistry.

Who is Required to Take CE?

Doctors, dentists, and psychologists are among the many professionals required to take predetermined amounts of CE to maintain licensure and certification so that they may continue to practice within a particular state or region.

What are Professional Designations?

Professional designations are given by professional bodies and organizations as a means to apply professional standards, increase the level of practice, and better serve the public. Attaining a professional designation usually requires the completion of specific training (via CE) and/or passing an exam. What are Fellows of the AGD? A general dentist who has earned Fellowship in the AGD (FAGD) has completed a minimum of 500 FAGD-approved CE hours, passed a comprehensive exam, and has been an AGD member for three continuous years.

What are Masters of the AGD?

A general dentist who has earned Mastership in the AGD (MAGD) has completed a structured and demanding set of requirements. After receiving their FAGD, these dentists must complete a challenging course of hands-on study in 16 dental disciplines, totaling 600 hours of CE, to earn their MAGD.

How Do These Award Designations Benefit Me?

Your general dentist cares about the long-term oral health of you and your family and demonstrates that concern by participating in CE. The general dentist who remains current in general dentistry is better able to offer you and your family a variety of diagnosis and treatment choices.

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