“I came for a routine cleaning, but badly needed a filling to ease pain I'd been experiencing. As usual, Dr. Barsky solved the problem. A truly 21st century dentist whose primary concern is effectively treating his patients! And his dental technician, Sarah, is great, too!”

– Harvey K. on Apr 22, 2017 gave ★★★★★

“Dr. Barsky is a great dentist. His office is clean and comfortable and even relaxing. And Dr. Barsky is gentle in his technique. I recommend him.”

– Bryan B. on Apr 21, 2017 gave ★★★★★

“Howard and Sara are a great team, intuitive to each other, always working in sync; making for me, a personal unfavored experience , ie, going to the dentist in general, not so bad after all with the care, impeccability and gentleness that Howard approaches each and every one of his patients with ... Always a pleasure to see them both xo”

– Lisa M. on Apr 15, 2017 gave ★★★★★


– Paul on Apr 8, 2017

“Dr. Barsky is a thoughtful and very thorough and professional dentist who seems to really care about his patients. His office is efficient and polite and helps to change the visit to the dentist a pleasant, instead of dreaded event.”

– Claire D. on Apr 4, 2017 gave ★★★★★

“Dr. Barsky is a great dentist and one that I recommend. A kind and gentle doctor that has been meeting my dental needs for years.”

– Timothy H. on Mar 24, 2017 gave ★★★★★

“No discomfort. Just amazing professionalism--and the ability to smile without a second guess. Dr. Barsky is the best (and Sarah is too!)”

– Paul S. on Mar 10, 2017 gave ★★★★★

“Professional work. Comfortable experience. Knowledgeable staff.”

– Gerri on Mar 10, 2017 gave ★★★★

“Located in the heart of historic Carversville, PA, the office is serene and comfortable, with state of the art equipment. Dr. Barsky is a highly skilled perfectionist with his work.”

– Linda O. D. on Mar 09, 2017 gave ★★★★★

“Dr. Barsky is a thorough, dedicated professional with a gentle touch. He is good at explaining even complex dental procedures and at laying out one's options in a straightforward and clear way. His office, in the beautiful village of Carversville, is sunny and soothing, and his assistant Sarah an asset. Highly recommended.”

– Andrea S. on Feb 27, 2017 gave ★★★★★

“This is as good as dentist visits get. I have consistently received the best care and consultation available, and would recommend Dr. Barsky to anyone. Also, the office is in a great location, is managed very well, and the background music is always good.”

– George H. on Feb 22, 2017 gave ★★★★★

“Always a wonderful experience! Great Dentist and Staff!!! Highly Recommended.”

– George P. on Feb 14, 2017 gave ★★★★★

“Great professional with impeccable ‘chair’ side manners!!!”

– Bijou G. on Jan 31, 2017 gave ★★★★★

“Dr. Barsky's touch is gentle and his dental work meticulous. His rapid response in dental emergencies is a noteworthy added plus. I am pleased to recommend him highly without any hesitation. (The choice of music is also appreciated.)”

– Cynthia B-B. on Jan 23, 2017 gave ★★★★★

“I’d absolutely recommend you to anyone. It’s a great experience coming to your office: the office is spotless, the staff is wonderful, and the care is superb.”

– Jonathan L. on Jan 16, 2017 gave ★★★★★

“Dr. Barsky and his assistant, Sarah, are excellent. Exceptional work and a supportive bedside manner when necessary. They're the best!”

– Rich Hockey Guy on Jan 10, 2017 gave ★★★★★

“Dr. Barsky is an exceptional dentist and an exceptional person . He is highly skilled , extremely knowledgeable and has a caring and warm persona. My husband and I trust him completely and we have recommended him to our friends and family. I tend to get nervous before any dental work and he is able to help me feel relaxed and calm during a procedure . His office is serene and Sara his office manager is highly professional and accommodating He truly cares about his patients and gives 100% of himself during appointments. A+++++”

– Christine on Jan 09, 2017 gave ★★★★★

“Dr. Barsky and his assistant, Sarah, are excellent. Exceptional work and a supportive bedside manner when necessary.”

– Rich B. on Jan 07, 2017 gave ★★★★★

“Dr. Barsky and Sara are always so accommodating and caring – a great team! They are gentle and impeccable – a unique experience for not always such fun treatment.”

– Lisa M. on Jan 06, 2017 gave ★★★★★

“Dr. Barsky is an extremely kind, caring and thorough doctor. He has been very helpful when we’ve had emergencies. We have been patients for 12 years.”

– Deborah D. on Jan 05, 2017 gave ★★★★★

“Dr. Barsky is careful, skilled and personable. His office is state-of-the-art in a small country town. He has been my dentist for about 20 years. He loves his work and keeps up on the latest research and innovations in the field. He has a great assistant, Sara.”

– Robert S. on Dec 31, 2016 gave ★★★★★

– Chuck L. on Dec 29, 2016 gave ★★★★★

– John H. on Dec 28, 2016 gave ★★★★★

“As always, excellent service from Dr. Barsky and Sarah. A friendly, lovely environment. I always leave with a smile.”

– Emilio C. on Dec 28, 2016 gave ★★★★★

“Dr. Barsky has been our dentist for years now. You walk into his office and you feel calm and relaxed right away! I would highly recommend his services.”

– Carol N. on Dec 16, 2016 gave ★★★★

“No wait, no pain Service with a big pearly white smile!”

– Geraldine M. on Dec 15, 2016 gave ★★★★★

“Who loves visiting the dentist? Dr Barsky does everything I expect and want from my dentist. Excellent care.”

– James V. on Dec 12, 2016 gave ★★★★★